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Partner (Paris, France)
Prof. Athanasios Tsirikas

Athanasios N. Tsirikas is an Associate Professor of Human Resources and Talent Management at ESCE International Business School in Paris, France and also an Academic Research & Laboratory Teaching staff at University of Macedonia (Thessaloniki, Greece). Dr. Tsirikas holds a B.Sc. degree in Mechanical Engineering Science, a Master degree in Advanced Materials Science, a Master degree in Management of Production Systems and also a PhD in Organisational Behaviour (Strategic Knowledge Management) from University of Macedonia, Greece.

Prof. Tsirikas served as a visiting professor at Paris School of Business (Paris, France), at Technological Institute of Western Macedonia (TEI - Professor at the MBA and the Educational Leadership Programs) and also as an Academic Teacher at several universities in Greece and Europe.

In the past Athanasios Tsirikas served as a Manager at the Multinational Organization “Bombardier Transportation” in Zurich, Switzerland, as a Production Director at Hellenic Railways Organization, leading 220 workers, as a Lecturer at University of Macedonia (Department of Accounting and Finance - Courses: Strategic Management, Introduction to Management, Marketing Management and Organizational Behavior) and also an Engineering executive at ELITHERM SA.

His research interests include: strategic knowledge management, organizational memory, organizational behavior, strategic management, job satisfaction, change management and entrepreneurship. He has several national and international publications including scientific journals and international conferences.





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Associate (Thessaloniki, Greece)
Mr Tasos Skordaris Ph.D.c.

Anastasios Skordaris is a Civil Engineering Project Manager focused on Human Resources Management. He is a Dipl. Eng. Civil Engineering Science, holds a Master Degree in Environmental Design of Infrastructure Works and is pursuing a PhD on Talent Management. With hands-on technical experience in a wide range of Engineering field and academic specialization on Talent Management, his research interests include the talent identification, succession planning, talent assessment and talent retaining, as well as  the potential relationship of leadership and talent soft skills. In the past Anastasios Skordaris  worked as a Talent Training and Development Manager at Building and Landscape Maintenance Department of University of Macedonia  as well as at a Private Construction Company having effectively trained the interns engineers and Project Managers. Last but not least, Anastasios Skordaris during his PhD duties, is lecturing at University of Macedonia in the fields of Human Resources Management (Department of Social and Educational Policy, courses: Training and Development, Group of Dynamics)



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Associate (Paris, France)
Prof. Andrés Dávila

A people Developer, a researcher and entrepreneur, Andrés Dávila is a faculty member at ESCE, head of the specializations International People Management and Well-being at work and an affiliated researcher at LARGEPA (Laboratoire de Recherche en Sciences de Gestion Panthéon Assas) where he is preparing an HDR (Habilitation à Diriger des Recherches).
Before joining academia, Dr. Davila worked and lived in the United States, China, Thailand, Vietnam, and Ecuador. Andrés Davila has a broad range of managerial experiences both in corporate and research environments.
Andrés Dávila, holds a Ph.D. in Management Sciences and a Master in Clinical Psychology. His research interests are IHRM (International Human Resources Management), General Management and Psychology. He is the author of academic articles and a book in the fields of international management and skills assessment. His research areas are often focused on how to develop important competencies to face the future of work.

Prof. Davila is the co-founder of Praditus.com

With Praditus you get the whole picture. Discover your full potential, not just your personality. Praditus is a self-discovery and career-guidance platform helping individuals identify their talents and areas of development through a series of scientifically designed tests based on psychometrics and predictive analytics. Praditus is an affiliate member of the International Test Commission and adheres to the American Psychological Association standards. Headquartered in Paris, France, Praditus also has operations in New York, USA.


Associate (Athens, Greece)
Dr. Kleanthis Katsaros

Dr. Katsaros holds a B.Sc. in Business Administration; two Master degrees in Information Systems and International Economic Relations respectively; and he has a PhD in Strategic Change Management & Organizational Behaviour from Macedonia University, Greece. He is also Postdoctoral Researcher at Athens University of Economics and Business.

He has published in numerous international peer-reviewed academic journals, while his teaching/research interests lay in the field of Organizational Behavior and Business Administration; and more specifically in Change Management, Leadership and Human Resources Management.


+30 6974 806 389

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Dr. Maria Tolika (Ph.D.)
Associate in Lifelong Education Projects  (Thessaloniki, Greece)

Dr. Maria Tolika holds a PhD in Political Sciences and a Master degree in Political Analysis at the department of Political and Economic Sciences (Aristotle University Thessaloniki). She is also completing a Master degree in Art and Public Sphere at the School of Visual and Applied Arts, Faculty of Fine Arts and a Bachelor Degree in European Civilisation (Aristotle University Thessaloniki). Her scientific interests focus on the field of participatory governance, political networks, institutional formation and legitimacy, leadership and stakeholders’ management, vocational training and lifelong education.  Her research areas are mainly focused on how to develop human resources, how to evolve participatory democracy in societies, how to manage crisis and also how to improve leadership skills through innovative techniques. Her publications are focused on knowledge management, active participation, innovative actions and tourism.   

She is a teaching assistant in Postgraduate Studies Program "Governance" at the course of Local and Regional Governance, and in Undergraduate Studies Program of Political Science department at the lesson of State and Market: Liberalism, Neoliberalism and Democracy and at the course of Vocational training (Aristotle University Thessaloniki).

Dr. Tolika worked as a sales representative and public relations executive for a multinational company in the field of advertising and telecommunication, as a bank executive and as an executive of public administration in the Civil Services Center (Ministry of Digital Governance) and in Financial Service (Ministry of Internal Affairs).



+30 6977 777 459

Efi 1.jpg
Associate in Lifelong Education Projects  (Thessaloniki, Greece)

Mrs Efi Kapsaliari holds an M.A. in European Literature and Culture (Aristotle University of Thessaloniki), is an MSc candidate in Primary Health Care (Medical School of Thessaloniki- Aristotle University of Thessaloniki) and has a BSc in Classical Studies (University of Ioannina, Greece).

Mrs Kapsaliari has over 10 years of hands-on experience in Public Administration. In addition, she worked as adult educator in public and private sector and she has implemented skills on Educational Psychology.

Her research interests are focused on Lifelong Learning, Vocational Training, Burnout Syndrome, Human Development and Medical Science related Topics.

Mrs Efi Kapsaliari speaks 6 foreign languages (English, German, Italian, Spanish, Russian and Turkish).

She serves at the moment at a structure of the Greek Social Security service  and in parallel, offers her consultancy expertise in specific project at Talentire.


Mrs Efi Kapsaliari (MA, MSc,c.)
Associate (Thessaloniki, Greece)
Mrs Ioanna Pantazi M.Sc.

Gianna Pantazi has a Bachelors degree in Social Work from Patra following which, she acquired a wide range of clinical experience working for the Department of Health since 2005. Over a period of a year in that role she realised her passion for counselling and that
lead her into the private sector; specifically a Rehabilitation Centre for children with special needs and has continuously worked there since 2007. She currently also works as a teacher in a private school as well as a tutor for Psychosocial Rehabilitation and
Always eager to improve her personal and professional skills, she decided to expand her expertise in the Social Sciences and became a certified facilitator. She currently is training as a psychotherapist following the principles of Non Directive Intervention (N.D.I) as well as completing a Master's Degree in Life Long Learning and Education from Macedonia University of Thessaloniki.
In December 2018 she co-founded ‘Soul.Dares’, a Psychotherapy and Counselling Centre situated in the city centre of Thessaloniki that offers mental health support and services for people through one-to-one sessions, group therapy as well as sessions via Videocalls for those who are in need but unable to access a mental health service in person; Subject
related experiential seminars are also held by ‘Soul.Dares’.



+30 6937434858

Associate (Thessaloniki, Greece)
Mrs Alexandra Geronta M.Sc.

Alexandra’s personal and professional motivation stems from a philosophy that all people are equal. It is her firm belief that with the right support and help, everyone facing challenging situations as they go about their lives, if entitled to psychosocial support will manage to reach their full potential while being able to successfully overcome their difficulties.

During her Bachelor’s degree in Psychology, she participated in a variety of training workshops and undertook voluntary work in the specialist area of Child Psychology which accentuated her knowledge and skills; alongside the scientific knowledge on the physical action, observable emotion and ways of thinking, that constitute human behavior. She attained her Bachelor’s degree in 2002 from the Aristotle University of Thessaloniki and went on to pursue a Master’s degree in Specific Learning Difficulties from the Department Of Education at the University Of Southampton successfully coping with the stringent deadlines and work pressure meted out by the course.
Alexandra has worked in educational settings in Croydon and Central London (United Kingdom) as a member of the Special Unit Team in Schools that support children and adolescents both psychologically and emotionally who had been exhibiting  delinquent behavior and were at risk of engaging into serious law breaking activities. This was an ideal opportunity to combine my education, experience and personal beliefs to form an individual evaluation and create an intervention plan utilising minimal resources. Alexandra also working as part of the Assessment Unit in the City University of London and subsequently on her return to Greece, worked for 4 years in KEDDI, the Centre for
Differential Diagnosis, Diagnosis and Support at the Ministry of Education and was responsible for evaluating the students with appropriate assessment tools, planning and supervising a psychosocial program based on their individual learning needs bearing in mind the reason for referral (usually from parents). 


Associate (Zürich, Switzerland)
Mr Dimitrios Karkanis MBAc.

Dimitrios is a highly trained, reliable and dedicated Executive Assistant with strong experience of coordinating international teams and remote team members. Experienced Accountant with proven experience in all the accounting and finance sector.

Dimitrios holds a Bachelor’s in Business Administration, a Financial Diploma in Finance and Accounting and an Official Permit practicing as Accountant.

He is pursuing a MSc MBA in Business Administration.

Professional team player with a positive mind set, who has successfully built international experience.

Motivated personality who learns new skills very quickly and acquires new things very easily.

Recognized by Caliper as an employment who is `` able to multitask, juggle priorities and achieve timely results. Problem-solving resource, calculated risk tasker, enjoying interacting with others, able to build working relationships``.

Dimitrios΄s skills are: Impeccable Organisation, Strategic Multi-Tasking, Analytics Skills, Ironclad Discretion, Ruthless Prioritisation, Time Management, Tech Prowess, Networking, Vendor & Supply Management and he is specialised in the following areas: Economic Analysis and Policy, Money and Capital Markets, Financial Management, Project Management, Accounting, Quantitative Methods, Total Quality and Environmental Management, Law and Administration, Marketing, E-Business, New Technologies, Entrepreneurship and Innovation, Administration of Businesses and Organisations, Industrial Organisation, Labor Economics and European Business.


+41 76 204 09 84

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Associate (Germany, Berlin Area)
Associate (Athens, Greece)
Mr George Ntaount M.Sc.
Mrs Aikaterini Ravnali M.Sc.

Action oriented person with  an  entrepreneurial  spirit.  Immense experience  in  continuous improvement,  lean  concepts  and tools.  Impeccable  and  excellent  interpersonal  and communication  skills. Strong  and  huge  Manufacturing  and Operations  experience.  Proven  experience  achieving  results and  driving change.  Problem  solving  and  critical  thinking skills. Proven  experience  in  achieving  results  and  driving change.   I possess vast experience  in  Manufacturing,  Production,  Project Management  with very deep,  profound understanding  of  the Lean  Production  Principals.  I possess 18 years leadership experience  in  management  of multi  disciplinary team with the commitment  to  deliver objectives  in  the  most  demanding circumstances,  always  with  the  Customer  Requirements  and flawless Project  execution  in  mind. My  mission  as  a  Leader was  to  solve  problems  in  terms  of  change  management, productivity,  efficiency, quality  and  performance.  I  worked  to very  tight  deadlines  and  was  always  able  to  identify bottlenecks  and implement  the  required  improvement  to commit  with  costumers  &  project  objectives  with  respect  to waste, costs,  time  to  market  and  profitability. 

Strategy development and implementation : to promote manufacturing solutions and services  to over 12 countries worldwide.  

Proven ability to initiate, maintain, and build ongoing relationships with key accounts and costumers. Helped to maximize the opportunities for revenue growth.  

Exceptional expertise in management of multi disciplinary team, in lean concepts and tools, in performance and KPIs management, in operations and project management and in sharing best practices and technologies

Specialties: Vast experience in Manufacturing, engineering processes, lean manufacturing, Production. Project & Program management. Emotional intelligence. 6 Sigma, Short Lead time, Continues improvement, Standardisation, Built in Quality, Lean Manufacturing, Change Management, Design for Manufacturing, Project Management, Gate Reviews, Balanced Scorecard, Internal Audit, Pre-manufacturing Review, First Article Inspection, BOS & Q6(Lean Operating System), Root Cause Analysis, Full Cycle Project Management, Digital Manufacturing, Strategic Planning, ToT & ToM (Transfer of Technology & Manufactruring), Good Manufacturing Practices.



+49 157 519 36 914

+30 6908 305 522

Aikaterini Ravnali is an HR Training and Development Specialist, a Theatre Educator, Facilitator and Adult Educator of non formal learning. She holds a Bachelor in Education (Aristotle University of Thessaloniki) and she is a graduate student of School of Theatre, Faculty of Fine Arts (Aristotle University of Thessaloniki), with specialization in Stage Directing. At the same time, she has completed the unit of courses for stage lighting with Eleutheria Deko. She has attended a semester at the School of Drama and Theatre Arts(Institute of Contemporary Culture), in University of Lodz( Erasmus Program). She is also a graduate student of the Master of Arts, in Lifelong Learning and Adult Education (University of Macedonia). Her dissertation (in progress) is about « Soft skills development through Educational Drama». She has completed a course in Human Resources Management (Aristotle University of Thessaloniki). She has been trained in Educational Drama, Dramatisation, Theatre of the Oppressed and Theatre in Education.  Moreover, she has attended the «Academy for Leaders» and completed the training of facilitators involved in non formal education. (International Development Alliance).

Since 2016, she works as an educator in NGO Arsis, facilitating social theatre groups for adults. She has designed and implemented educational drama workshops for the development of soft skills, such as self awareness, recognition, expression and management of emotions, interpersonal skills and collaboration, empathy and conflict management. She was a co-founder of the Theatre Company «Τheatre Ef» . From 2012 until 2015, as a theatre educator- facilitator and actress-performer she participated in theatre projects and theatre plays of the company. Since 2013, she organizes entertainment events as an animator, in collaboration with companies and individually. She has also worked as an entertainer in various professional settings, such as summer resort ,camping, children summer camp and center for creative activities for children (Kdap). I


+30 6971 504856

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