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We are a Dynamic Team of Human Resources and Talent Management Scientists, specialised in Effective Team & Organisational Building. We use Unique Tools for Job Candidates' & existing employees' Psychometric evaluation. As a result, we (re)build Teams, Departments and Business Units, transforming them into Productive Organisational Cells.
We re-Build and re-Structure your Organisation, ensuring Increased Productivity, Improved Job Satisfaction, Organisational Commitment, higher Job Involvement and Lower Functional Costs through the decrease of Absenteeism patterns.
Our Team, a valuable set of Management Experts, Organisational Designers, Human Resources Specialists and Talent Management Scientists create Real and Measurable Value for your Organization.
Service Pack 01
Psychometric Testing
Service Pack 02
Human Resources Development
Service Pack 03
Executive Search and Recruitment
Service Pack 05
Future Workforce Development Program
Service Pack 04
Workforce Heterogeneity Management
Service Pack 06
Human Resources Evaluation Platform & App
Service Pack 08
Organizational Restructuring Tools & Team Building 
Service Pack 07
Human Resources Mapping & Optimization
Service Pack 09
Branding Solutions
(Personal & Organizational)
Service Pack 12
Financial Imprint of HRM Strategies
Service Pack 10
Knowledge Management Process Flow
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Knowledge Management Applications Development








Our Recent News
Candidates' Evaluation Platform at Techsaloniki2017 is a Recruitment event that takes place in Thessaloniki, on 13&14 May 2017. 20 of the most well-known companies that are specialized on the IT industry, participate organize an event in order to find the future Human pillars on which they will base their future. will be there! 
We create the platform and assess all candidate's soft skill, through exclusive psychometric testing tools, helping recruiters to choose the appropriate candidate for each position that has to be filled in.
Our team will be present at Techsaloniki2017, and we will participate in various parallel events. 
Public speeches for our tool will take place and we will also concentrate on issues like "Personal Development", "CV that counts", "Talent Management" etc.
For more info please look at: